Kara has been a professional lash artist since 2016. With extensive training and certifications in multiple types of lash extensions, she is the ultimate artist. Combined with her meticulous artistry and attention to detail, Kara also only uses the best brands in lash extension fibers and adhesives to ensure you have the most beautiful and safe extensions.


  • WILL EXTENSIONS RUIN MY NATURAL LASHES? : When done correctly and with proper after care, lash extensions have no damage to your natural lash. Our eyelashes go through a full growth cycle where they shed, a new one grows in, and becomes a full grown lash and the cycle repeats. It is perfectly normal to see some of your natural lashes shedding with your extension still attached.

  • IS IT TRUE I CAN’T GET THEM WET? : For the first 24 hours it is recommended to stay away from moisture and avoid getting lashes wet. This is to allow for the adhesive to fully dry and cure. If you do happen to get them wet within the 24 hours some extensions may become detached. After the first 24 hours you will be given instructions on how to properly wash your lashes.

  • HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO GET THEM DONE? : After your first session it is recommended to get a fill every 2-3 weeks. This will help keep your natural lashes healthy and keep the extensions looking great. At your fill session all grown out lash extensions are carefully removed and replaced with a new one. We ask that you have at least 30% of the extensions remaining at your fill appointment.

  • WILL THEY FEEL PAINFUL OR ITCHY? : The actual extension and adhesive never come in contact with your skin. There should be no discomfort with your extensions. If you do happen to have any itching around the eye it could be a rare allergic reaction to the adhesive.

  • CAN I STILL WEAR MASCARA? : The goal with lash extensions is to have you feeling like you don’t need mascara. However, we ask that you please fight the urge to wear mascara between your fill appointments. Mascara and sometimes other makeup can weaken the bond of adhesive and cause the extension to fall off.

  • HOW DO I PREP FOR MY APPOINTMENT? : Feel free to arrive comfortable as you will be lying still for a while. Please remove any eye make up before coming in to help speed things along.

  • HOW DO I CHOOSE THE LOOK I WANT? : Look below at the different options to get a better idea of the types of lash extensions. Every set for every body is uniquely designed to accommodate your eye shape, natural eyelash length, and your personal desires. If you’re still unsure what would be best for you, head over to the appointment page and use the form to ask kara any further questions you may have.

***Please note that all fills must be done with at least 30% (about a third) of extensions remaining. If there is less than that you may be charged for a full set.

***If you have your lashes done by another artist please schedule a removal and a full set after. Kara does not work over other artists lash sets.



Full set $125+ Fill $50 - $80

A classic set is usually the most natural looking type of lash extensions where one individual artificial lash extension is adhered to each of your own natural lashes. This design is made to give you length, curl, and darker looking lashes.



Full set $150+ Fill $60 - $90

A hybrid set uses the techniques of both classic and volume lashes. This creates a more dense and fuller looking lash set as well as giving you length. If you have few natural lashes and want to look like you have more than this set or a volume set would be ideal for you.



Full set $180+ Fill $65 - $100

This particular type of lash extension uses groups of 2-5 thinner extensions to create what’s called a fan. These fans give you a really full glamorous look. Ask for Russian Volume if you’d like a mega glam look.